#NixonPack Nice List: November 28th

I know. You are bombarded with lists right now between all the Cyber Monday “extended” hoopla and the mad dash for holiday gifts. But if you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path, here are a few things we’re loving for this week’s list:

  1. I have so many magical memories of my Christmas stocking as a child. It was hands down my favorite thing to open on Christmas Eve with my Gram. I’ve seen a lot of stockings through the years, but this one had me at mudcloth. And that intricate macrame weaving? Dreamy. I love everything you do, This Is What I Do Studio!
  2. Cheeseboards. I cannot get enough. They are so versatile and make throwing together a cheese platter or cookies, or any of the yummy holiday goodies that much more “done”. As in, it looks like you put loads of effort into it and you’re one of those polished hostesses who didn’t just throw everything into the coat closet as your guests were turning the handle of your front door. The boards at Vagabond House are so beautifully made, so unique, and speaking of hostesses, make exquisite gifts, too.
  3. I spent two hours the other day working on DIY Christmas wreaths. And Mr. DIY himself came in and asked why on Earth I would take time I didn’t have to make my own wreath when I could buy one. “Because the store doesn’t sell what’s inside my head! And why buy it if you can make it? Does that mean they aren’t as good as what you saw in the stores? ” is what I might have snapped back with politely replied. But on January 2nd when all the holiday decor comes down and we need something to take us out of our winter funk, I want to whip up these little lovelies (in shades of blue of course).
  4. Statement Ceilings. If you’ve been following us for a bit, you might remember the debate Jon and I had last winter about wallpapering the ceiling in our living room. It took me a minute to get him on board. But I felt like it was this beautiful, blank space that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. Maybe wallpaper isn’t your thing, but imagine the possibilities. Statement ceilings are going to be BIG in 2019. Here’s some eye candy to get your inspo flowing!
  5. Ombré Tree! The #NixonPack team was asked to design a Christmas Tree for charity, and naturally, we had to put our own spin on it so, ombré blue felt like the best representation of us, and we hoped something a little different to stand out against the competition and bring in big bucks for some great causes! If you have less than 30 seconds today, we would so appreciate your vote! Want to take it home? You can bid here! All proceeds benefit dogs and kiddos in need – how great is that?!

Thanks for stopping by today, friends! What would you like to see on next week’s list? Send us a DM on instagram or leave a comment below!

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