#NixonPack Nice List: March 22nd

The weekend is so close, I can almost taste the doughnuts! It’s been a while since we’ve banged out a #NixonPack Nice List and the wait is finally over. There are too many good finds not to post them! Here’s what the Pack is loving this week:

  1. I am really digging the trend of statement wall hangings and this piece is so unique. Doesn’t it give you all the summertime vibes?
  2. And who doesn’t want to keep those vibes coming with two feet of snow still on the ground? If you’re into changing your art seasonally, this one caught our eye. I love the movement, the colors, and that gold frame just sets it off.
  3. I don’t know about you, but we’ve been suffering from a long bout of cabin fever. Now that it’s officially spring, we are inviting some family and friends over for a tea party to celebrate. How sweet are these plates?!
  4. Last week we revamped our front entryway – the best way to make a great first impression on guests. But what about the feeling you get when you enter your home? We come in through the mud room (home to the five rescue pups) and I want that to feel bright and inviting, too. We’re having one of these incredible banners made with the faces of each member of the Pack!
  5. And last but not least, a shameless plug for one of our new YouTube videos with Sherwin-Williams. We’re talking our favorite paint picks for a front door refresh to usher in the new season with a POP! (Sidebar, Jon is suggesting a drinking game for the amount of times I say *pop* in our videos. Anyone know what the count is up to?!)


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