#NixonPack Nice List: Friday Five

This Nice List just so happens to fall on a Friday, and National Taco Day no less, so I think we can all agree – it’s going to be a great day. Without further ado, here are some of the things The Pack has been digging this week!

  1. Lamp Stamp. I love playing with lighting and aside from paint, fully believe that it is the key to transforming a space. So when we saw the new lighting trend in the kitchen, I was on board immediately. Last year we saw the kitchen become less “kitchen-y” and more an extension of the living space. Less emphasis on appliances, more emphasis on an extra place to lounge with family. So with that lead-in, the small table lamps we keep seeing pop up on the kitchen counter make even more sense. It adds a warmth to the room, and helps eliminate some of those sterile vibes and sprinkle back in the homeyness.
  1. Spooky Decor. You may have seen that we decked out the front of our home with spiders bigger than our son. Well thanks to a little insta inspo from our beloved Martha Stewart & @stepheniewatts – we’re bringing the spooky indoors. I love how this look is festive, yet so chic. Remind me to tell you later about the time Grey had an actual live bat in his bedroom, living under his life size bear.

3. Comfort Cooking. We have tried every dutch oven under the sun. I typically stick to the ones you can find in the kitchen aisle at Home Goods because the price point is perfect and so is the quality. Yet year after year, I end up leaving the burner on a wee bit too high, for a wee bit too long and stews stop mid-January. I scored this one on amazon, and while I admit it was love at first sight because of the gold knob, the reviews are on point and this one has been a winner so far. I promise to report back this winter to see if she’s still cookin’!

4. Small Shop Sweetness. We are a sucker for all things custom, and all things home, so when we stumbled upon this gift idea from a small Etsy shop it was a no brainer! Check out the detailing of the mailbox on the gift box. This is a perfect surprise for a friend who just moved, or to order several to celebrate all the places you’ve called home!

Country Tags on Etsy!

5. Winter weight. This woman can do no wrong in my book, and every single recipe she posts is a fast favorite. She makes the recipes incredibly user friendly and finds a way to spice things up in a way I never would have dreamt possible. One of her latest creations is the Creamy Broccoli and Butternut Squash Soup with Brie Pastries. Areyoukiddingme?! Yes, please. This shall be Sunday dinner in the above mentioned crock and I can’t wait to report back. I’ll make a double batch in case you stop by!

Half Baked Harvest

Happy weekending!

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