#NixonPack Nice List: December 27th

This week is such an odd one if you’re one of the few that are working. It’s a short work week, but a ton of people are on vacation. A lot of my gal pals are down in the dumps since they can’t sing along to Christmas carols anymore, and I’m in the camp of – bye, Christmas. On to positivity! purging! planning! Let’s forget about all that and take a second to check out this week’s Nice List. There’s so much goodness down below, and it’s already warming me up just thinking about spring! Grab your cocoa and let’s start planning where we’re going to build our…

  1. She sheds. You read that right. Exactly what your dreams are made of. Or mine, anyway. This is an outdoor shed that is filled with absolutely anything you (or the lady in your life) can think up. I’m talking a customized work space, a zen den, DIY station, crafting studio, a wrapping room, painting porch – you name it. {Jon, are you reading this?}
  2. Potting station. Ok, fine. If I can’t have a She Shed, I’ll take a potting station while I wait for the shed to be built. How sweet would this be on your deck or even in the garage?
  3. Motivational Diffuser Blends. I told you we hopped on the diffuser train, right? Now that I’m starting to get a little more comfortable, we’re branching out with recipes. Who knew? There’s something for every ailment, every season, even to motivate you. And keeping with the theme of the New Year – let’s get motivated.
  4. Pantry Hacks. This is the first house where we have an actual pantry. It’s a love/hate relationship. I *love* the extra space, and it supports my “if the world is going to end we need as much pasta as we can buy, and oh look, it’s 10 for $10” problem. Where does the hate part come in? Well, it’s hard to keep it organized and a lot of it is out of reach so food goes bad, I feel guilty for the waste, yada yada you get the idea. According to this lady, these hacks will change your life. I’ll let ya know.
  5. Quilt. White sales are about to be blowing up your inbox if they haven’t already. We’ve had the same quilt on our bed for the last three houses. I know. I can’t believe it either. I like something high quality (read: soft. Jon’s beard is scratchy enough, no one wants to be brushed with sandpaper in the middle of the night), plainish so it lets the rest of the room shine, and large enough to be able to be tucked in hospital style. I’m pretty picky, which is why it’s taken this long. So far, my eye’s on this one.


(image via mom.me)

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