#NixonPack Best Buys: Amazon Shop!

Ladies and gentlemen, #NixonPack has opened the doors to our first shop! Well, sort of. We’ve got a teeny tiny slice of Amazon to call our own. They asked us to curate some of our favorite finds and the Pack has a sweet little corner of the Internet to showcase our love of home goods, DIY must-haves, entertaining essentials, kiddo faves and more! You can see the whole shop here, and we’re giving you a sneak peek below!

Home Goods. Maybe it’s the millennial in me (jussst at the cusp of making it in that bracket), but I am impatient to a fault. So if we’re in the middle of a project and I can get it in two days? You had me at Prime. I have found the best deals on lighting – with great quality and fast shipping to boot. We used this fixture in our master closet refresh and we’ve gotten so many compliments on it! Less than $100 & a great swap for a room with one of those builder-grade flush mounts that looks like a boob. You know the ones we’re talking about. We’ve also gone through and added some of our go-to styling pieces (think coffee table books, heck even coffee tables), rugs, hardware, faucets, vases and more!

Kiddie Pack. We get asked all the time how we find a balance of keeping our home as a reflection of us (adults) while still having it overrun by a tiny tornado toddler. Covered baskets are a lifesaver! But let’s be honest, not all his toys can be squashed into one of those babies. So for the big pieces especially, I scour the earth for playthings that can fit into the design of our home. This kiddo kitchen is a great example and who’d have thought we found it on Amazon? I had never seen it before and it’s definitely a piece we get the most messages about. Unlike the light above, however, it was a bit of a pain to put together. A ton of tiny screws and tricky instructions but alas, he loves it!

DIY-must haves! Another list we added to the shop is a bunch of our tricks of the trade. The things we pack for every client install, and for our own projects as well. The one item I always keep on hand is museum wax – it has helped keep unruly art in place, straightened candles in the holders – you name it, it can do it. Plus it comes off walls and surfaces with ease, and is an inexpensive tool for your kit!

Entertaining Essentials. This one is a work in progress (aren’t they all?), but so far we’ve added our favorite bath towels (guests only, Jon!), all of the items you need for the perfect welcome basket, and serve-ware we love. What you see below was part of the setup for a big dinner party we hosted for the holidays and it looked fantastic and made cleanup a breeze! Bonus: environmentally friendly and affordable!

You can browse all of the #NixonPack favorites, here, and we’d love to hear what you think, and what you’d like to see added to the shop!

Thanks for popping by – we so appreciate you!

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