My husband came home with a…house.

Jon and I bought our first house when I was just 21. Most people have dreams of owning their own home for a multitude of reasons. The American dream, starting a family, visions of that white picket fence…ours was for the Pack. We were in a tiny little apartment with a no pets policy and Jolea, our Chihuahua. We went out for bagels one morning and stumbled on a rescue group desperately trying to home dogs born in a FEMA trailer during Hurricane Katrina. Needless to say we came home sans bagels, plus two Labradors. And now, we were a young couple with a too cute to be properly trained Chihuahua and two rambunctious lab puppies in a no-pets-allowed tiny apartment. Enter, first house.

Ten years, five dogs and six homes later, we’ve found a lot of reasons why we decide to sell, and buy our next home. Jon and I actually love the whole process. I get the itch whenever I see someone else’s moving van. Jon does when he smells a fresh cut 2×4. Ahh, I wish I could insert that scent right here as a scratch and sniff. Over the years, we’ve got our rhythm down pat when we start looking at potential homes. We see so many working with clients that we have a good idea of what’s out there. And we tend to know right away when we’ve found the one. This next one will be almost 800 miles away as we make the trek back to our home state of NY. Well, you’re probably wondering by now how the heck Jon came home with another dog house. Simple, really. We were on a trip to NY for my work and Jon was tagging along to be SuperDad so I could film commercials. We were supposed to look at homes together when I got done but needless to say, commercials ran long and the running continued…right up to the gate to the plane. So that left me no time to look at houses and the entire burden (and a 25 pound baby) on Jon’s shoulders. Super Dad and Super Husband indeed.

The first time I see our next home, which by the way is supposed to be our “many year house (notice I didn’t say forever home)” riiiight, will be when they hand over the keys at closing. You read that right. I won’t step foot in our new place until there’s no turning back. And I cannot wait. There are so few surprises left in life that this feels like the greatest gift Jon could have given me. We love homes so much. Everything from the purchase process, the style, the move, the design. The whole shebang. To have it be a surprise is the sweetest glaze on the donut. From what he tells me this house will be drastically different from the rest in every way imaginable so stay tuned for details…I know I will.

Would you let your significant other choose your home sight unseen? Share with us in the comments below!

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