Must-Follow Insta Accounts for Instant Inspo

I recently did a clean-out of sorts over on the ‘gram. You know that whole movement making the circuit, “if it doesn’t bring you joy” then unfollow? I’m more about, if something is feeling stale, uninspired, same old same old, then I have to go. Time is too precious to have a little app suck the life out of you. If you’re spending any time on social media; it should leave you feeling invigorated, motivated, excited. Here are some of the accounts I look to for just that:

Erin Ireland. This lady is new to me, and I cannot get enough of her posts. She is completely plant-based, and showcases the most delectable vegan recipes that are actually easy to make. I’m en route to Whole Foods tonight to pick up the ingredients I need for rice paper bacon (recipe saved in her story highlights!) and my mouth is already watering.

The Business Hacks. This is one of my favorites for kick in the butt inspo that pops up on my feed when I need it the most. Tiny little nuggets about investing in yourself and your business that can really cause a mega shift if you allow it to.

Lindsay Silberman. I’m not really big on the overdone influencer look with the long, flowing extensions (eyelashes and hair) and tanned to the tilt. I think they’re gorgeous and glamorous and obviously that is working for them because they are making a sensational career of it. But, that’s not why I follow this gal. On first glance you may get that vibe from her feed, but in stories she keeps it real, and has the lock on the skincare game. I love her honest recommendations, and the fact that she’s a Syracuse alum. Go Orange!

Shannon Tripp. If you’re a mom, or care for any littles in your life; I can’t recommend this follow enough. A few months back, I stumbled across her account and have loved her a little more each day. Shannon is a pediatric nurse and shares invaluable tips on things like concussions, CPR, when to worry and when not to, the works. She and her husband are raising their babies in Hawaii, and they do so much good in the insta community.

Kate Marker Interiors. I specifically swoon for her lighting choices, but really the way she so effortlessly (though I know it requires much effort) pulls together a room is pure magic. Studio McGee gets a lot of well-deserved hype, but if you want some fresh images to pin, Kate is a fabulous follow.

Honorable mentions go to @simoncholland (hilarious Dad jokes), Jillian Harris (the most authentic celeb/human in my feed sharing SO many stories of her behind the scenes/ real life), and @tombilyeu (for that kick in the butt inspo we mentioned above. He is GOOD!). Obviously there are too many great ones to list, but we tried to choose accounts that weren’t as well known so it might be new to you too! Have another we should check out?!

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