Monday Motivation: Spring Cleaning Your Space

With Easter behind us and spring in full bloom, now feels like the perfect time to tackle that spring cleaning checklist. This week’s goal is to take on a different space each day, and by the weekend, enjoy the fruits of our labor. Let’s do it together – strength in numbers!

Monday: I don’t know about you, but Mondays feel extra messy. So today we’re tidying up from the whirlwind of the weekend and tackling all the bathrooms. I know, it feels like you just cleaned them before you hosted guests for brunch yesterday, but how many butts sat on those seats? And while we’re waiting for the toilet bowl cleaner to really soak in, let’s restock all the necessities like TP, tissues, soap and towels. Bonus points for opening your amazon app and re-ordering any essentials that look like they’re running low. Then you don’t have to think about it for the foreseeable future!

Tuesday: Laundry and closets. I know, I said one space each day. But technically, they go hand in hand. First order of business is to start a load of laundry before you head down for coffee in the morning. You may even have time to finish a full load before you leave for work. But don’t stop there, remember, we’re making a big push this week! Drop in a washer machine cleaner and if you’re fresh out, you can run a hot cycle with 4 cups of vinegar plus 1 cup of baking soda. After this, grab an old toothbrush and your favorite spray cleaner and get to work tackling that nasty rubber lip inside the washer. I guarantee it’s speckled with mold. (Or is it just us?). Spray and wipe down all the surfaces, including the front and top of the machines, along with the floor. You can’t imagine how dusty it gets after the 799th pullout of the lint drawer. That took less than 5 minutes didn’t it? Back to the closet – right before you leave the house, take inventory of all the sweaters you didn’t wear last season, maybe that pair of jeans that were too tight, and immediately bag them up to donate. Don’t take another minute to lie to yourself that you’ll wear them next year, I promise you won’t, and the feeling of donating them to someone else is second to none!

Wednesday: By Hump Day, the kitchen is starting to feel a little rough. Pantry items weren’t put away properly, there’s a new ketchup stain caked on the shelf of the fridge, smoothie has settled into the basin of the sink. Sometimes it starts to feel overwhelming and you don’t think you can get the job done in the twenty minutes you have to spare while dinner is in the oven. You do. Squirt a healthy dollop of Bar Keeper’s Friend into the sink and do one vigorous scrub with a brush. Don’t rinse off! Head to the fridge and take everything out and windex every surface and drawer. As you’re putting groceries back in, have a look at the dates on the labels to see if you can toss anything that’s expired. Same with the freezer. Back to the sink, run scalding hot water over your now white powdery basin, do one extra squeeze of the tube to grab any tough spots and rinse again. Last stop is the junk drawer(s) that we all have in the kitchen. Dump it out and sort into piles. Toss – Keep – Tackle. The tackle pile is things you can do that second; pay a bill, mail letters, file receipts, or designate items to their proper homes. Keep would be anything you need to have handy in there – tape, stamps, pens. And take a few extra seconds to toss expired coupons, junk mail, or that marker that’s no longer marking.

Thursday: Windows. I’ve been especially dreading this project. But let’s be honest, on Thursday you have that Friday Eve feeling and you’re all hopeful for the weekend and it’s the perfect day for something you’re not that on board with. We’ve had especially great luck with this product, and also this one. And while we’re busy windexing, let’s also take a look at the curtain situation. How long has it been since you swapped yours out? If they’re feeling dated or you have one of these design dilemmas, it may be time for an update!

Friday: Family Spaces. This could be your living room, lower level, or playroom. Heck, if you had that extra cup of coffee, go for all three. But even just one will bring you joy. You’re about to spend a whole lot of time in that area this weekend and wouldn’t it be nice to have it pared down and fresh to welcome in all the fun? Our favorite tip is to bring like items to one central location. All crafts together, all board games in one cupboard, all books on one shelf. You’d be surprised how much clutter can be cleared just by recognizing when something is out of place, and righting that wrong. Now is a great time to vacuum all the furniture to suck up pet hair and pretzels, then take it one step further by using your favorite upholstery spray to wipe down the cushions. While we’re wiping down, when you’re dusting your furniture, don’t forget about dusting your fireplace as well. If you have a gas fireplace, spray the glass partition. It’s also nice to give some attention to the tile surround. Take note of any spots where the grout pulled away and write yourself a note to grab some sanded caulk next time you’re at the hardware store. It’s a five minute DIY under $10 that will really pack a punch.

So there you have it! A fresh space by Saturday! Are you adding to the list? Comment below – we’ll join in!

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