Monday Mood Board: Fun in the Kitchen

You’ve been spending a lot more time in here too, amIright? If we have to cook all the meals and do all the dishes 982 times a week, let’s make it more fun. Here’s what we’re loving lately in the most popular room in the house:

Dip Dye. I have had a long-term love for all things dip dyed and it still seems to be on trend with the whole tie dye movement. This would be such a fun DIY with the kids at home!

Upgrade the Old. As you are whipping up your latest Quarantine confections, take note of what isn’t cutting it anymore. (I know, a cheeseball pun for cutting boards 😉) I’m sure you’ve heard that boards with deep grooves hold a host of germs, and who wants to talk about more germs these days?! 😩 Here are the ones we swapped the old out for, and love because they don’t slide across the counter. Also toss dull knives you won’t get around to sharpening, stained mugs, containers that don’t close properly, gadgets you haven’t used this entire stretch, hole-y oven mitts (how cute are these?!), you get the idea. We follow the one in, one out rule and lately more has been going out than in. It’s a good feeling!

Taste the Rainbow! We have a trio of adorable rainbow whisks and every time we’re whipping up a new treat, it just adds more happy to the bowl. Grey has taken a real liking to baking in the kitchen so I ordered these new cupcake molds and also this knife set (kid safe with adult supervision!).

Try a New Cookbook. I don’t know about you, but going back and forth from my phone and the pot, then it blacking out jussst as I come back from stirring ready for the next step hasn’t been cutting it. What a lovely way to support chefs, fellow mama makers, and talented humans in this crazy time. We linked a few favorites in our amazon shop, but if you only get one cookbook – make it this one. Every single recipe we’ve tried of hers comes out delicious each time.

Treat Yo’Self. I saved the best for last. Here are all the little pretties I’m oohing and ahhing over with no budget, or need really, to click buy. But! Since I’ve taken over homeschooling duties and have been doing a bang-up job thankyouverymuch (according to my prize student), mama might treat herself to just one. I’m thinking this beauty. Can you see fresh OJ, or even a sweet bouquet in here? It would make for the loveliest Mother’s Day gift. This one too. And I’ve seen a lot of moms holding to-go drinks on our neighborhood strolls lately (no judgment 😆), here’s a way more stylish option than a solo cup.

Happy Cooking, friend! Share your favorite recipe with us below, please! We’re always looking for new treats to try!

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