Keep Up With The Joneses

Way back when I had a bit of a Real Housewives of Atlanta addiction. Don’t stop reading, I promise, I’m getting to the point. My days of leisurely dunking Oreos and binging on reality television are long gone but one line has always stuck with me. Nene Leakes said it best, “We don’t keep up with the Joneses, we are the Joneses.” Yasss. But stay with me, we’re not there yet.

One of my favorite things to do when I’m in need of some home design inspo is to walk the neighborhood. I take creeper pictures of houses that need a little TLC, then when I can’t sleep at night (read: Grey has woken up for the fourth time yelling “Agua! MAMA! Agua!!”) I map out exactly what I would do to make it better. Now, am I advocating that you tear apart your neighbor’s homes piece by piece and tell them how to make it better? No! Never. That’s just the crazy part of me. But what I am telling you is a two-parter.

First, have a look around your neighborhood. Does the house on the corner have a flower bed you like? Take a picture. Maybe you can recreate it in that lackluster spot in your own yard that’s been singing for a little bed of its own. How about those sweet rocking chairs a few streets over that catch your eye every time you drive by? Swing by the local salvage shop and spray paint a vintage pair for your own porch! Then you’ve taken it up a notch by adding your own flair. Second, as you are walking that neighborhood of yours, keep your critical sunglasses on when you round the bend to your own home. What stands out to you? Do kids toys litter the front yard? Is your mailbox at its tipping point? What small changes can you make to have your home be the one that everyone tries to imitate? Being the Joneses doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Here are a few easy updates you can make to lead the pack:

  • Paint your front door. It doesn’t have to be a new color if you like the one you have. But when was the last time it was painted? Front doors take a beating and chances are, it’s time for a fresh coat. #NixonPack Tip: Wipe down with a wet cloth first to remove any cobwebs or dead bugs. Ick.
  • Mulch. We used to mulch Mother’s Day weekend. Way too soon. I’m going to be honest with you now, it’s the middle of June and we haven’t mulched yet. It’s on the honey-do list for next weekend. But this time around, we have flower beds upon flower beds and I wanted to wait out (and weed out) all of spring’s bounty before laying down a fresh bed.
  • Pop of Color. Here’s where you can have some fun. I’m not one for colorful deck furniture or bright colors at all, really, so I achieve that look with potted annuals and hanging baskets. But if you’re as bold as I wish I were and want to show your neighbors a good time, consider painting your pots or furniture a bright color. How sweet would a pair of poppy wicker chairs look on your front porch?!
  • TMow the line. Have a little fun next time you mow the lawn. Change up your pattern and give the nosy lady next door something to talk about 🙂 My personal favorite is a sideways angle up to the left, but Jon changes it weekly and I love seeing what he does next. If you follow the Pack on Insta stories, you know that he mows with Grey on his lap (he wears protective ear muffs) and drives way too fast leaving me pleading from the pavers to slow down!!
  • Weed. I can hear your grumbles through the screen. Heck, I’m already dreading a weekend ahead on my knees in 90 degree heat. You may not think those little buggers are visible from the road, but they are. If the weeds are out of hand, what else is? Not a good first impression. So take an extra hour and tackle it – our Jones status depends on it. And look at it this way, weeding burns 400-600 calories per hour. What?! You’re welcome. You can cancel that gym membership for the summer!
  • Doormat. There are so many good ones to choose from! Target has some really fun, vibrant, playful patterns if you want a quick, affordable fix. Otherwise, we say make your own! Need some inspiration? Check out, they have some fabulous options by some crazy cool girl bosses.

What are some fun ideas you’ve stolen from the neighbors and put your spin on? Share with the Pack below!

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