I haven’t had a bath in YEARS

Well that was provocative, no? I actually took a bath exactly one year and one week ago when I was trying to induce labor (it worked!). But before that, it really had been years. Who takes baths anymore? First, ain’t nobody got time for that. Second, gross. Laying in your own filth does not sound relaxing in any way. If I’m going to light candles and indulge in a nice glass of wine, I’d like to do it, you know, by a fire, or anywhere really, when I’m not cold and wet. Let this truth sink in (yes, pun!): Gone are the days where a jetted tub in the master is appealing. They are dust collectors. Yank it. I mean it. If there is a bath in your master and it’s not some gorgeous vintage clawfoot tub – we need to take a sledge hammer to it stat. That’s what we’ve done in our last two homes, what we’ve counseled our clients to do and not once have I regretted it. There is one caveat to this. If this is the only bathtub in your home, you need to keep it. Because any parent will tell you, you can’t sell your house without one tub. OK. Is it gone? How amazing did it feel getting your stress out breaking that bad boy into huge chunks? Yasss. Now we can talk about what you need to do instead:


Buyers are asking for a steam shower. The cost for the actual unit could run up to $5,000 (not including labor). Ouch. If you have a high-end home, or if this space is where your place could really shine and detract from some of the not-so-hot features – go for it. At the very least, try to maximize the space of the shower. If you can bump it out a foot or two, it will instantly feel more luxurious.

Warm up your digits. Those high-end buyers mentioned above? Their toes are cold. They’ve asked for you to put in heated floors, too. I know, so demanding. This is something I’ve nudged Jon to install in our last few projects, but with time and budget constraints, it got cut. Major regret! I added heated flooring as a “lust” for that reason, but it’s actually not too hard on your bottom line and will truly be a braggable feature. This project will cost less than $1,000 including install. Did you read that, Jon? Heated floors in the next house. (said in nagging wife voice)

High-end fixtures FTW. Here’s where I always try to cut corners to find look-alike faucets, shower-heads and hardware for a fraction of the cost. This is a great place to save money, but if you’re in this bathroom for the long haul it pays to have durable, beautiful items that will stand the test of time, and soap scum. If you’re looking to sell and are in a competitive market, keep in mind that buyers are becoming more savvy. They recognize name brands and they’re looking to be wowed. Jon’s favorite splurge was an oversized rain shower head. For the record, I did not OK this purchase and I’ve resented it the entire time we’ve lived here and protested by showering in the guest bath (it feels like being waterboarded to me). That being said, Jon loves it, and more importantly, so did every single potential buyer that came for a showing. That tells me it was money well spent.


Mirror, mirror. If you take away just one tip from this blog, pleaseplease swap out the builder-grade single large mirror above the double vanity and add two separate mirrors instead. It is the cheapest upgrade you can make and will instantly transform the space.

Grout it out. If you don’t have a big budget, but are looking to make a big impact in your bathroom – regrout. It costs next to nothing and will give the entire room a fresh, clean feel. You can even do this yourself using this or this. Jon and I tackled both the tile floor and the master shower right before we sold our last home and it took us half of a Saturday and we celebrated with cocktails on the roof deck. Think about the traffic in your bathroom, over time it takes a real beating and regrouting is a must.

Lose your marble(s). Marble is a bathroom no-no. I used it on the counter in the bathroom below, hoping to make a splash in a small space. It made a splash alright – absorbing every stray shot of hair product and dabs of mascara. Marble is much too porous for your bathroom. Trust me on this one. Quartz and granite are much better options. #NixonPack Tip: If you have a small vanity, contact stone yards for scrap pieces. Oftentimes you can get a gorgeous slab for a fraction of the price!

Have we convinced you to tank the tub? Share your favorite bathroom hacks below!

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