Hunting in the Paper Mache Forest

If I could snap my fingers and have the entire house painted, renovated and curated, I’d do it. OK, that’s not true. I say that I’d like it all done in an instant, but the truth is, this is the fun part. Now. When everything is in disarray and I spend ridiculous amounts of time scouring the internet salvage shops Insta stories Earth for the best finds. I start to get itchy when a home’s done. Then I rearrange, repurpose and repaint all while listening to Jon’s grumbles. Isn’t it done yet?! Well, it was, but, then the vision changed. The vision I had for Grey’s nursery was a clear one and so that is the room that’s done first. This will be a two-parter. The nursery and the playroom are Jack and Jill style with a bathroom connecting the two. We went with a theme fit for a President. Those of you who know us well will get it. Does he have to grow up to be a President? No, certainly not. But I want him to know he can be. He can do anything. And so our theme is this – the playroom is a Presidential Library with nods to the Great Ones (that’s for you, Dad!) with the perfect blend of learning and fun. We’ll get to the library next time. But today, let’s focus on Camp David, or rather, Camp Grey.

The theme for Grey’s first nursery in our last house embraced our love of Chicago, his birthplace. It was a room I spent more time in than any other in the house and to be honest with you, it’s the only room I cried for when we left. Here’s a reminder:

Though we love Chicago and it will always hold an immensely special place in our hearts, it just didn’t feel right to try to replicate that in New York. Thus, the idea for the Presidential Library and Camp David was born.

The only non-furniture item to make the cut for the new room was the Big Bear. He is hands-down Grey’s favorite toy and one of my favorite memories. It was the first thing Jon bought for the babe when he found out I was pregnant. I’ll never forget him rounding the corner to our house with the 8 foot bear over his shoulder and him beaming with Dad pride. Swoon. We named it Cubby after the Cubs won the World Series last year. I think he fits perfectly in Camp David Grey.

It goes without saying that we kept the Grey theme. I loved his old mural so much and knew I needed something to create interest and depth in the room. I chose this wallpaper to go with our woodland theme and let me tell you, the pictures do not do it justice. Jon tried to veto me on this one. He was convinced it would be an assault to the eyes. I’m happy to report mama knew best and no told ya so was needed. He loves it as much as I do. If you haven’t worked with Graham & Brown wallpaper before, you’re in for a treat. It arrives super fast, is a quality, beautiful product and is easy to install. #NixonPack Tip: Do not forget to paper the outlet covers. It’s easy to do with a spray adhesive you can find in a craft store.

I had been coveting a Little Brave Ones teepee for what feels like forever. Maybe it’s my Native American Mohawk roots? Or just the sheer cuteness of a tiny human in a tiny teepee?! Yes, that’s it. Grey takes his books in there to read, piles in his stuffed animals, and it’s his go-to spot for hide and seek. Sweetness abounds. You need one. No kids? Your pet needs it. Heck, you need it. Plus, I love supporting a fellow #girlboss. Add a cozy rug and a cool pouf and you’ve got a perfect vignette.

The animal heads were in our last home, and the home before that. They were actually our first design purchase in Chicago. Jon walked them three miles back to our townhouse with me nagging the whole way to “be careful, they’re paper mache”. Remember these? How great do they fit with this theme? It’s always fun to re-use and re-purpose when you can.

We also peppered in some vintage finds like these arrows from the 1950’s and a weird bird that Grey picked out himself at the salvage shop. One of the most recent additions is a salt lamp that looks like a little fire when it’s on and helps bring some great energy (and fun) to the room. The owl on his dresser was actually in the living room in our first home and he loves it. Speaking of the dresser, I got it during a blowout sale on and personalized it with vintage and handmade animal pulls I found on etsy. Now you have something one-of-a-kind, on the cheap. Every time he wakes from a nap, he waves to each and every animal, and lastly his Grandpa Glenn, always smiling down on him. Make sure you include some things in your child’s room that make you smile too, after all, you spend almost as much time as they do in there.

PS – No animals were harmed in the making of this nursery. 😉 ~The Pack

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  • Reply Nixon 2.0 For President – #NixonPack April 23, 2017 at 6:44 am

    […] I’ve always had an affinity for the red, white and blue. Patriotic pride pumps through my veins and with a last name of Nixon, we get asked about our relation to the President on the regular. Funny story. When my mom was pregnant with me she was so sure I was a girl that she agreed to let my dad name me if I turned out to be a boy. He was ecstatic and had picked out the moniker Ronald Reagan Race (my maiden name). Could you imagine?! When he asked about future grandchildren he begged me to consider the name Reagan, as my dad had dubbed him one of the Great Ones. One more time I ask you, could you imagine?! Reagan Nixon. Poor babe. Sorry Dad, no Reagan Nixon, but we did whip up a pretty sweet Presidential Library as a playroom for Grey. It’s the perfect accompaniment to his retreat nursery, Camp David Grey next door.  […]

  • Reply Riley Ryder April 24, 2017 at 6:34 am

    1 part flour and 2 parts water.  Some methods have you boil the paper mache paste, but we had no access to a stove.  We just mixed the flour and water together and it worked great!  Super easy.  No cooking!

    • Reply nixonpack April 24, 2017 at 7:06 am

      Great recipe! We can’t wait to try it. Thank you for sharing!!

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