How Much House Does A Million Bucks Buy Across The US?

At around ten years young, I started calling dibs on my Grandma Shirley’s Country Living magazines after she had read them. I cut out pictures of styles I liked, flagged favorite pages, and mapped out what my forever home would look like someday. But the real draw for me was the real estate section where they feature listings from across the states, all at the same price point. It was incredible to see the disparity in size and amenities from coast to coast. Plus, it’s fun to learn about new cities we might want to visit, don’t you think? Let’s play with a new spin: these listings are all around a million bucks and in the Top 5 Happiest Places in America:

5. Huntington Beach, California

For $998,800, you could be the proud owner of this 3 bed, 2 bath, 1,122 square foot home in one of the most coveted zip codes in the U.S. Property taxes are relatively low, schools are ranked high, and you’re just minutes to the beach ☀️. All we’re missing is a backyard pool!

4. Fremont, California

This little lady is steps from Tesla HQ, sits on San Fran’s southeast side, and is home to some fabulous farmer’s markets and art galleries. It’s a 3 bed, 2 bath, 1,100 square foot ranch on sale for $950,000.

3. Madison, Wisconsin

6 beds, 5 baths, and nearly six THOUSAND square feet for a thousand bucks shy of a million; this Madison, WI sprawler is in stark contrast to the first two Cali casas. The area is surrounded by five picturesque lakes, boasts top rated schools, low unemployment, and all around happy neighbors.

2. Irvine, California

With 16,000 acres of parks and open space throughout the city of Irvine, CA (and a plethora of sunny days to enjoy them), it’s no wonder this city received the highest score in the “Emotional and Physical Well-being” category. Here’s a peek inside a newly constructed 4 bed, 4 bath, almost 2,500 square foot home offered at $922,990.

1. Plano, Texas

Coming in at the top spot, ranked the #1 Happiest City in America due in large part to high scores in “Community and Environment” is Plano, Texas, a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. This 4 bed, 5 bath, 5,400 square foot designer home sits lakeside and boasts a magnificent outdoor entertaining space, all for $975,000. And don’t forget this little bonus – Texas is one of nine states that doesn’t levy personal income tax.

Thanks for heading down a real estate rabbit hole and dreaming with us today! So which home gets your vote? I have to say, swimming in that gorgeous pool with the lake view looks pretty sweet on this ninety degree day. Which price point should we do next? Comment below!

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