• Pack Punch List: April 12th

    There are buds on the trees! I don’t know if it’s that fresh, springtime air, but I have been in the mood to take care of all the things I’ve let go over time. From paint touch-ups, organizing the pantry, heck even paperwork, it feels like the season to just make things right and start anew. Here’s what we’re hoping to cross off the Pack Punch List this weekend:

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  • How To Write Remarks To Sell Your Home

    So you’re ready to sell your house. You do all the necessary repairs and touch-ups. It’s so spotless and shiny you take one last gut check of, do we really want to move? It’s time. So you hire a Realtor and wait. Right? Wrong. We’ve talked before about you being the CEO of your listing and today we want to hone in on one particular piece of the puzzle you may be missing: Remarks. It’s the paragraph included on the MLS, all the sites like Zillow and Realtor.com, and in every marketing material. It’s a little blurb that tells a story of why someone would want to buy your home.

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  • #NixonPack Best Buys: Amazon Shop!

    Ladies and gentlemen, #NixonPack has opened the doors to our first shop! Well, sort of. We’ve got a teeny tiny slice of Amazon to call our own. They asked us to curate some of our favorite finds and the Pack has a sweet little corner of the Internet to showcase our love of home goods, DIY must-haves, entertaining essentials, kiddo faves and more! You can see the whole shop here, and we’re giving you a sneak peek below!

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  • #NixonPack Nice List: Top Picks for Spring Spaces

    We hit 60 today and I feel like that is permission enough to make those spring swaps we’ve all been craving. Remember when I tried to install a swoosh of teal flowers on our front door in January? That definitely fell under the category of #toosoon. But April? I can practically smell the fresh cut grass and whispers of lavender. Here are some other ways to usher in the new season in style:

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  • What You Need to Know About Selling in Spring

    If you go by the calendar, spring has sprung. But has it really? My friend in California is posting the most gorgeous photos in wildflower fields, picking ripe, juicy oranges, her kiddo frolicking on the beach. Meanwhile, we’re still shoveling snow…with more in the forecast. So when you hear that spring is the best time to list your home, what does that really mean for you? Judging by the intro, it depends. Here are a few other factors that come into play:

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  • Master Closet Before & After: California Closets

    Much like the rest of the world, I bought a first class ticket on the Marie Kondo train and we’re going full throttle to the land of JOY. How do we get there? By sorting, tossing, and organizing our way through every closet and crevice in Casa de NixonPack. Withhold the side eye for our “before” shots please. I didn’t clean up for you ahead of time, wanting to show the true picture of how inept the wire system was, and how I had lost all motivation to keep her tidy:

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  • Walkthrough Wednesday: Stately Stunner

    Walkthrough Wednesday: Season 2, Episode 8

    This 1866 gem had me wrapped around her porch the moment we pulled into the circular driveway. We talk a lot about “potential” on Walkthrough Wednesday. But if I could define it in one house – it’d be this one. She has 7 beds, 5 baths, and all the charm you’d expect from a home built in the Victorian Era. The staircases, the nooks, the hidden hallways! Swoon. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this one and all the things we could do to highlight her beauty since we filmed this episode. I see a black and white palette accented with champagne bronze fixtures, lots of greenery, deep jewel toned furniture and pops of whimsy. What about you? How would you style this stunner?

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  • Walkthrough Wednesday: Lilith Lane

    Walkthrough Wednesday: Contemporary Custom House Tour, Garage Transformation & What Comes with a Listing

    Oftentimes before we choose a home to feature on the show, we send a group chat to our Walkthrough Wednesday team and gauge everyone’s excitement. This one was full throttle Let’s Do It from all of us. I was pumped about the way they had it staged to sell (come to find out, it wasn’t staged at all – the homeowners just live that beautifully!), and I think collectively, we were pretty excited about the garage. Cribs vibes, amIright?!

    So grateful for our partner California Closets of Albany/ Syracuse for making this season possible.

    Yet another below zero filming day and the Call of the Loon crew still made magic happen. Kristen, Jake, and Tonya – you are the best!

    This custom home did not disappoint. Every square inch was absolutely immaculate and the design was so uniquely done. It’s offered for sale, here, by Shane Tibbitts. We can’t wait to hear what you think – let us know in the comments below!