• Sunday Scrolls: April 5th

    Ozark. I am a longtime fan of Jason Bateman and this season of Ozark was the. best. yet. If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest starting with Season 1 and binging all the way through. Phenomenal character development, twists you will not see coming, exceptional writing – it is SO good.

    Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs. Because, Easter week. And also, YUM πŸ˜‹

    This deep conditioner. I have not used heat on my hair once during quarantine, and plan to avoid it for as long as possible. Especially since I’m in this awkward grow-out phase and would like to lighten up a little when we come out of hiding. This conditioning treatment leaves your hair feeling so soft, and helps it to air-dry much nicer than withoutπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ. Also, headbands. This one is so comfortable, I didn’t have to adjust once during the day – and again, polished without the effort.

    Snail mail. We’ve been sending out so many letters and handwritten surprises and it brings such joy on both ends of the mailbox. This week, we made these DIY bouquets for Grey’s grandmothers for Easter. It was an awesome activity that actually got him to sit still for the better part of an hour – he tackled scissor and fine motor skills, following directions, and got creative with the floral design.

    Instant Coffee Craze. I’ve been seeing this whipped java all over my insta feed and I had to give it a go. First of all, it’s dreamy to look at. And second, I heard there is quite the buzz. It did not disappoint (for me, anyway, Jon thought it tasted like tar πŸ˜†). Follow this recipe – you can either use a whisk, or a hand mixer. If you love the taste of black coffee πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ, go easy on the sugar; if strong coffee is not your jam, add a little more. This isn’t something I’d drink on the daily, but it is such a fabulous weekend pick-me-up (or any day really, what day is it anyway?).

    Nashville Dream Home. I’m a sucker for a good home tour; and love to see how people live in other parts of the country. This home is designed so beautifully, inside and out. The details!!

    Progress. Last week was a tough one in our house, morale-wise. They extended the stay at home order (which we understand to be necessary), but it felt hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This week we’re focusing on the Tony Robbins mantra of progress. When you’re making progress in any area of your life, you feel better, and you do better. I set a goal to move my body every day this week, and limit snacking between meals. I realized I was nibbling more than usual, because the kitchen was so easy-access. And also, so many feelings. We’re planting our spring pots, continuing to seek out joy each day, and finishing up some odds and ends projects to get our home ready to list when the market starts moving again. What’s on your progress punchlist?

    We hope you’re feeling healthy (mentally, too), and that you have everything you need right at home. Thank you for being here with us. Hugs to you πŸ’™

  • Monday Mood Board: Spring Planters

    We’ve been doing approved short-distance strolls around the neighborhood (our city is under a shelter-in-place mandate), and I almost started crying when I saw one of our neighbors had their planters filled with colorful blooms. A little early given we just had snow last week? Sure. But my goodness was it a mood-booster, and a gesture of hope during this crazy season we’re in. Here are some of the trends we’re seeing for spring planting:

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  • Sunday Scrolls: Best of the Week (March 29th)

    Do you find yourself waking up in the morning and it takes a few minutes to remember what day of the week it is? Same. Such is quarantine life. If the cabin fever, stock market, or state of the world has you down; we hope spending some virtual time together will bring a little joy to your week. The second one on our list still has me shook – please report back if you feel the same!

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  • Easter Basket Essentials

    If you’re parenting through this pandemic, I know we’re in the same boat in that our top priority is keeping things as normal as possible for our tiny humans. It’s been all I could do not to pretend Easter is today to bring the excitement of an Easter egg hunt, and see the joy of Grey opening the contents of this basket from his favorite bunny. Here’s what we’re planning for our quarantined Easter (and there’s still enough time for you to put it together, too if you haven’t already):

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  • Sunday Scrolls: Quarantine Edition

    How are you today? If I’m being honest, I’m feeling anxious. Every cough from Grey has me in a panic that he might be ill. Trying to reel in my emotions and be the pillar of strength and love he needs right now is tough. But I know we’re all in the same boat, and there’s a lot of comfort in that. We survived our first week of homeschooling, and I have to tell you – it was such a blessing. Grey was an absolute delight; and watching him learn and grow so much in just a matter of days was such a soul-filler. I get why people decide to be teachers. But I’m just doing this with one. I can’t imagine 20. God bless them and their patience! If you’re looking for a distraction from the madness, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few things that are getting us through:

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  • Our Homeschool Plan for Pre-K

    Today marks our first day of mandatory homeschooling; and while I’m sure this will not be “easy” by any means (the isolation, lack of socialization with friends, or being self-quarantined with a tornado toddler πŸ˜‰), I am so glad to know Grey is home safe with us. It also doesn’t feel like too big of a stretch given that we’ve been doing a lot of home learning pre-pandemic (working on Spanish, writing letters and reading a whole lot of books). The part I am mostly concerned about is keeping us to a schedule. Grey had a tough time adjusting to the transitions in his school setting, and I want to make sure I keep the continuity in our homeschool schedule so when he returns, it will be as seamless as possible 🀞. Here’s our game plan:

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  • Sunday Scrolls: Best of the Week (March 15th)

    Well if this wasn’t the longest week in the history of weeks I don’t know what was. If you’re reading with us today, we pray this note finds you and your loved ones in good health. Like I’m sure you’ve read, or even felt so many times by now; we were also feeling that ache of, do we continue to document and post and just be as if there isn’t a global pandemic? What we decided to do was whatever feels right day to day. Today, we’re over here in this corner of the internet sending out an extra sanitized virtual squeeze, and thankful to be in this with you together. Here’s how we’re coping with all of the anxiety, and unknowns, and big feels we’re feeling. We hope even one of them will help you too:

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