• Walkthrough Wednesday: Stately Stunner

    Walkthrough Wednesday: Season 2, Episode 8

    This 1866 gem had me wrapped around her porch the moment we pulled into the circular driveway. We talk a lot about “potential” on Walkthrough Wednesday. But if I could define it in one house – it’d be this one. She has 7 beds, 5 baths, and all the charm you’d expect from a home built in the Victorian Era. The staircases, the nooks, the hidden hallways! Swoon. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this one and all the things we could do to highlight her beauty since we filmed this episode. I see a black and white palette accented with champagne bronze fixtures, lots of greenery, deep jewel toned furniture and pops of whimsy. What about you? How would you style this stunner?

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  • Walkthrough Wednesday: Lilith Lane

    Walkthrough Wednesday: Contemporary Custom House Tour, Garage Transformation & What Comes with a Listing

    Oftentimes before we choose a home to feature on the show, we send a group chat to our Walkthrough Wednesday team and gauge everyone’s excitement. This one was full throttle Let’s Do It from all of us. I was pumped about the way they had it staged to sell (come to find out, it wasn’t staged at all – the homeowners just live that beautifully!), and I think collectively, we were pretty excited about the garage. Cribs vibes, amIright?!

    So grateful for our partner California Closets of Albany/ Syracuse for making this season possible.

    Yet another below zero filming day and the Call of the Loon crew still made magic happen. Kristen, Jake, and Tonya – you are the best!

    This custom home did not disappoint. Every square inch was absolutely immaculate and the design was so uniquely done. It’s offered for sale, here, by Shane Tibbitts. We can’t wait to hear what you think – let us know in the comments below!

  • Pack Punch List: February 15th

    It’s been a while since we whipped out a Pack Punch List. Though if you follow along on stories, you might have noticed our whole life is a running punch list. Sometimes it’s still nice to jot it down. We wrapped Grey’s bathroom not long ago, and put the final touches on the guest suite just last weekend. So naturally, it would make sense to completely gut the master bath now that those two are done. #NonstopNixon is always living up to his hashtag! Here’s what we’re working on over the next few days:

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  • Walkthrough Wednesday: Colonial With A Twist!

    We’ve had several people ask us to take a look at this house – and I’m thinking since we’re smack dab in the dead of winter – it’s all about that indoor pool! In this house tour, we start with tips on how to be the CEO of your listing, the one tool every homeowner needs in their arsenal, and our favorite ways to style reclaimed letters. Yes – they’re still having a moment and we don’t think that’s going away anytime soon!

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  • Do Open Houses Really Sell Homes?

    Nixon Pack Nugget: Open Houses

    Both Realtors and clients alike have been engrained with the idea that Open Houses are a must when it comes to selling your home. But the stats just don’t back it up. In fact, studies show less than 3% of buyers purchased as a result of an Open House. “Buyers” do in fact tour open houses in between their trip to Home Depot and the grocery store each weekend. Maybe pop in for a little lookie-loo and a donut hole (gosh that sounds like a sweet little Sunday!). But 9.99 times out of 10 they are not qualified buyers, working with a Realtor, prepared to make an offer on a house today.

    Realtors benefit because they have the opportunity to showcase their listing, and get to know potential buyers that may be interested in hiring them in the future. But you as the seller will have extra foot traffic through your home, on your carpets, looking through your belongings with little to no upside to you. We do however, recommend that our sellers visit open houses in their neighborhood to get a feel for the competition. Do your neighbors have a better kitchen layout than you do? More updated finishes? How does your price stack up? Open Houses serve as a great educator for comps!

    So. To host an open house, or not to host? For us, we’d rather spare our clients the headache and focus our marketing efforts elsewhere to drive real, qualified buyers to set actual showings for the property. What has your experience been? Do you like to head to Open Houses on the weekend?

  • Walkthrough Wednesday: How To “Shelfie”, Hardware DIY & Ranch Home Tour

    We’ve had our eye on this neighborhood for years – it’s such a phenomenal location, one of the best school districts in the area, and commands a pretty penny for rent. Whether you’re looking to become a first time homebuyer, or a first time landlord – this rad ranch is a must-see. So much potential and many of the big ticket items have already been covered!

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  • Pricing Your Home to Sell – What You Need to Know to Sell First & Fast!

    You know how some people get excited about cars, a shiny new kitchen, maybe a cool new gadget? I get over-the-top excited about pricing real estate (ok fine, a new kitchen, too). There truly is a science to it. And when you get the combination just right – it smells like freshly printed dollar bills. Here are the key ingredients of what you need to measure out in order to price right, and sell fast, in any market.

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  • Walkthrough Wednesday: Bed & Breakfast House Tour & Hosting Essentials

    Welcome to the jewel of the Fingerlakes, a darling B&B house tour of the Lady of the Lake! Have you guys ever stayed in a bed and breakfast before? Ever thought about owning one? In this episode of Walkthrough Wednesday presented by California Closets, we take a tour of this little (er, not so little, but no one wants to call a gal large) lady and give you a behind the scenes look at running a bed and breakfast.

    Speaking of behind-the-scenes, this B&B was actually the first house tour we shot for Season 2 after a little hiatus and we were just getting back in the swing of things. I *love* that the Call of the Loon team left in some of our hiccups instead of editing them out. Normally I blame them on Jon, but as you can see, I’m on the chopping block too đŸ˜‰ For the record, his performance was indeed rewarded with Patisserie cookies.

    How nice does it sound to live for free, and get paid for hosting cool guests from around the globe?! Without further ado, grab your welcome glass of bubbly and come inside 2 West Lake Street in Skaneateles with us.

    It’s offered for sale through Michael DeRosa Exchange: https://www.2westlakestreet.com/prope…

    We can just imagine some fabulous pantry organization from our sponsor, California Closets Albany/ Syracuse in here! https://www.californiaclosets.com

    And as always, we couldn’t show you inside these incredible homes without the help of Call of the Loon Productions! www.calloftheloonproductions.com

    For more behind the scenes, DIY’s, design inspo and more, visit the Pack on IG @nixonpack!

    Kaylea Nixon is a Licensed Realtor with My Town Realty.