5 Things People Notice in Your Home That You Don’t

Have you ever walked away from a conversation with someone new and wondered, what impression did I make? Did I come across as nice enough? Did I have smoothie in my teeth? Same. But I’m usually more worried about what impression our home (or a clients’) made and not as concerned about the ever-present blueberry residue in my bottom incisor. Lucky for us we have the inside scoop in the house department and today we’re spilling the tea. When guests or potential buyers come through your front door, here’s what they notice that you don’t:

  1. Smells. This is a big one. Whether you have a pack of rescue pups like we do, maybe you’re the neighborhood cat lady, or you just have a love of burning the old Yankee Candle, chances are, you’re nose-blind to it. Have a trusted friend or family member come in and do a sniff test. Just be ready for her answer and don’t kill the messenger. PS – we say “her” because women are proven to have a better sense of smell than their male counterparts.
  2. Fresh Plants/ Flowers. In countless real estate studies, buyers always report noticing when a listing has fresh flowers. If you really want to woo them, do a little more than just buying your multi-colored spray bouquet at the local drugstore. We love Trader Joe’s flowers – their tulips and hydrangeas are a fantastic bargain. These buds work great if you’re hosting guests for the weekend, but if you’re in it for the long-haul and listing your home, splurge on the orchids. They run about $12 a pop and will last you a good month or two! In the end, much cheaper than a few bunches of peonies each week.
  3. Clutter. This would be number one on my list – I can actually feel it before I see it. If you can’t find a home for something, it’s gotta go. You want to create an open, inviting space in your house and having tchotchkes lying around is guaranteed to do the opposite. Make sure all surfaces are free from clutter, mail, appliances you never use…we could go on and on…and the dust is wiped away.
  4. Atmosphere. This goes back to the feeling I mentioned above. How’s the temperature? What is the vibe of the home? Is it quiet or noisy? What is the lighting like? Is the artwork tasteful or tacky? All of that and more comes into play to create that homey atmosphere you’re going for.
  5. Updates. Even if we don’t admit it, we’re all trying to Keep Up With the Joneses. So when a neighbor pops by, or a potential buyer comes in, heck even when you have your parents over for dinner, people are looking to see what improvements you’ve made to your home. What finishes did you choose for the bathroom? How outdated is your backsplash? How many stains are on the carpet? It’s like when your husband gains ten pounds. You don’t see it because you live with him every day, but all of a sudden his buttons are popping and it’s time for a cleanse.

What else would you add to the list? Let’s perform our own #NixonPack survey in the comments below!

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