5 Questions To Ask Before Packing for a Move

As we start the sorting phase in our countdown to the big move, I’m taking a good hard look at all of the “things” we’ve filled our home with. From throw pillows to artwork, knick knacks to furniture. No item shall be placed in that moving truck without first passing a bevy of tests:

Is it timeless? We have a beautiful portrait of Abe Lincoln that my grandfather gifted to us a few years back. Sketched in 1894 and the most elegant, inspiring piece. Something I had my eye on since I was a little girl. No matter the style of home we’ve owned, it has always found a place. Pieces like that pass with flying colors; because they spark love, and stand the test of time. I can’t say the same for the accent wall of pages cut from romance novels. It was fun while it lasted, but, thank you, next (page).

Is it worn beyond repair? There are things you keep around because sometimes it’s just easier than to rip the bandaid and throw them out. I had these wine glasses I loved that had delicate copper accents and were such a fun conversation piece when we had company over. Not to mention they looked pretty darling on the bar cart. But delicate doesn’t belong in the dishwasher and they were looking worse for wear. Sorry stemless lovelies, no bubble wrap for you. Other housewares getting the boot: non-stick pans that most definitely stick, mini appliances we never use, and the spice rack (did you know they have a 1-year expiration?).

Will it have a real home in the new house? Not a spot that “will work for now”, but a place that feels like it was made for that piece. As in, you walked through the house and thought, ahh, our favorite vintage mirror will look so beautiful on that wall! Otherwise, don’t bring it. Unless it holds real, true sentimental value, or it falls into the category above, donate it or sell it to put toward something new. That’s the fun of moving anyway. A whole new space to make your own, with a style all its own. To shop for, curate, to collect and mirror the places you’ve been, the place you’re in now, and where you’re headed.

Does it hold meaning? This goes without saying, but sometimes you need to ask and wait for the real answer. Let’s add one more word to the question: Does it hold meaning for you? We’re finding that as we get older, and so do our parents, and grandparents, you’re gifted many of their belongings. And while the sentiment is so heart-warming that they would share their treasures with you, sometimes it feels like your home is resembling theirs more than your own. Keep only what holds meaning for you. If it was their favorite clock, it’s nice to show appreciation and gratitude for the space it held, but also nice to remove the guilt and re-home it.

Did we ever really love it? I can’t tell you how many trendy Home Goods or Etsy purchases we’ve made that looked cute for a few months, and then we grew tired of looking at them. Like those macrame decor items that were allll over insta as the hot new must-have, and I have to tell you, they never sparked joy. They filled a space, and worked with our overall design, but they didn’t pass any of the heartstring tests above. That’s a big lesson I’m taking into the next Nixon Pack residence – only joy-inducers are welcome.

What would you add to our list of moving mantras? We’d love to read them in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “5 Questions To Ask Before Packing for a Move

  • Reply Janis king June 5, 2019 at 10:03 am

    You guys are funny & everything in your house is

    • Reply nixonpack June 17, 2019 at 7:14 pm

      Thank you, Janis! And thank you for reading! So grateful you take the time to pop by <3

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