2019 Home Resolutions

I’m a lover of lists. Give me all the honey-do’s, goals, reminders, groceries, manifests, you name it, I don’t discriminate. And on any given day, there are four or five old school notepads and planners scattered around the house, on top of what I keep on my phone. So with all that said, it will come as no surprise that I live for resolutions. But not the kind that you float out there and “hope” will fall into place. Nope. Those will not do. Because do you know what I love more than making the lists? Putting tidy little check marks next to the boxes when I’ve completed the tasks. So satisfying. Without further ado, here are our 2019 Home Resolutions in Casa de Nixon, and we invite you to join us as we make room in the New Year:

  1. Go Through Storage & Clean Out. “Storage” could mean different places for different people. You could have one of those lockers filled to the brim a la Storage Wars. Or, you could be like us and use an extra garage bay and basement for superfluous home goods and baby items “just in case”. Well, let me tell you. By the time “just in case” rolls around, your stuff is going to be so thick with dust, or damaged from poor conditions that you’ll end up tossing it anyway. So let’s make good use out of that sweet rocking chair now and donate to a family in need. 
  2. Buy ONLY what you LOVE. This year we are vowing not to buy something new because we think it will make for a cool instagram square. Not because we think the color goes well with our palette or because it “might” work when we get around to refreshing the office. We are vowing to only bring in the things we truly love to surround ourselves with. And when one thing comes in, one thing must go out. Deal?
  3. Scrap Sentimental. This one is a slippery slope. But in keeping with what was said above, and our design philosophy in general, do you truly love it? What does it mean to YOU? Not to your loved one on the other side, not to your mom who gifted it to you with good intentions but it’s a far cry from your personal style. Not to the you who liked it five years ago. Taking all the but’s out of it. But it cost X, but so and so would be sad if I got rid of it, but it might come back in style someday. If you don’t love it, donate. Period.
  4. Delete the Clutter. Paper. Old Magazines. Receipts. Notes. Aforementioned lists. There are so many sheets flying around this house and none of them are organized. The worst part is, when I need something really important, it’s never where I thought I filed it, and once discovered, is covered in G’s and circles from our tiny design associate. No more! In 2019 we’re rolling out a new system and scanning everything to our phone and filing electronically. I just downloaded the Adobe Scan app and I’m quite sure I breathed an audible sigh of relief. 
  5. Budget Better. There are certain things we just pay, without much thought, as adults. Like the electricity bill, the water bill, cable, repairs, etc. But what if we were more mindful about it? Yeah, it’s nice to come home to lights on. But the six hours I left them on with no one home cost money. Surely the dogs don’t mind snoozing with the lights off. And what about the 342 channels we don’t have time to watch on cable? Time to cut the cord. Same with the water. Do I need to stand in the shower for an extra five minutes peeling another layer off my skin? These small swaps may only save a few extra bucks a bill. But they’ll also help us to be more mindful with our usage, or lack thereof, and help out Mama Nature while we’re at it. 

We have a few more changes we’re making in the New Year, but those are bigger shifts that take up a whole page on their own, and we’ll share them later on. We want to hear from you! What are some of your Home Resolutions in 2019? Comment below!

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