Pack Punch List: October 13th

#NixonPack Honey-Do List for the weekend of October 13th:

→ I am typing this one on the fast and furious because the doors to an estate sale are just about to open and I NEED to be the first inside. Have you ever been to an estate sale? It’s a must. You may not like it on your first go ’round, but keep popping in to them. You never know what you might find! Today, I’m on the hunt for vintage religious art for a client of ours. We’re doing a gallery wall with all shapes, sizes and textures in his living room (stay tuned)!

→ Sourcing tile for Grey’s bathroom. It’s funny. Grey’s room was the first room we tackled when we moved into this house (when 9 million projects needed to be completed), and now his bathroom is the first we’re tackling as well. Lucky little man. Meanwhile, our master bath is a dark hole of black marble. I can’t believe we’ve lived here for six months and haven’t demo’ed a bathroom until now. This will be the first of five! His bathroom is a Jack and Jill and I am going for clean, bright, white, and something he will grow into.

→ Bye, mums! You read that right. We didn’t even make it to Halloween. There are six dead mums in the front of our house and it’s killing me to look at them. I am suck a stickler for curb appeal. All of that warm weather (not complaining!) burnt them to a crisp. So, out they go.

→ Deck building! No, this isn’t a post from June. It’s just another deck. Jon’s pet project is a smaller deck off of our lower level. The basement walks out to this cool landing that overlooks a stream. It’s overgrown and needs a lot of TLC, and in Jon’s opinion, a deck. It has SO much potential and I cannot wait to use it some day. But right now, the basement is unfinished and I feel like it’s a project that could wait. But if it’s important to Jon, it’s important to me, and by golly we’re going to make a big push on it this weekend. Now, why don’t they have the husband equivalent of #happywifehappylife?!

→ Houseplants! If you follow along on Instagram, you see my (albeit mostly failed) attempts at plant lady status. With the impending cold weather, I’m looking forward to warming up the inside with some luscious houseplants. My fiddle leaf fig just arrived and I scored the sweetest basket for her on clearance! Now, to plant her properly and keep her alive…

Happy weekending, friends!

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